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 The International Institute of Arts is a non-profit organization that exists and operates solely on donations in order to effectively communicate our mission to the masses. Through the aid of a grant, we would be able to continue to fulfill our dream of successfully igniting the passion in so many who are inspired by the arts.
The correct education and training, as well as a desire to work hard, will encourage aspiring artists of all ages to become working professionals. There are no questions to be asked regarding our dedication to what we’ll call a cause, even though it’s so much more than that.
Our faculty is made up of established art and design professionals, who give their time to The International Institute of Arts while maintaining leading edge careers in the industry. Any and all grants will be applied to education, diversity of the program, quality of instruction and every overall aspect of the organization.
The IIA is dedicated to art education and uncovering the talents of so many who don’t think they have it. Yes, it’s about teaching art to kids and adults, but it’s about doing so in such a manner that they begin to teach themselves. We call it “learning by doing”, but they call it fun.
The IIA encompasses so much more than what can fit successfully into this cover letter. Through the use of expression and the creative mind, we are releasing inhibition while fueling creativity and thought processes.
We believe that access to knowledge and opportunity lead to ideas and transformations. We believe in building future success through passion and personal creativity, no matter where it comes from. We believe that our company gives to the present, and fuels the future.



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